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My journey into real estate has been an interesting one. I'm originally from Chicago, (Fly the W, Bear Down, LeBron will never be Jordan), and moved out to Beaverton when my dad got his dream job with Intel. When you're the new kid on the block you do what your new friends are doing, and for me that meant getting involved with theatre at school. I thought this would be just a fun way to spend time with the new besties; little did I know that this new hobby would turn into a full-time passion. I began acting in plays and film whenever possible in the area, and ultimately got a B.A. from Linfield College in theatre arts/political science. For the last ten years I've been a working professional in the Portland theatre and film community, and have loved every minute of it.

Throughout the entirety of my artistic career I've also flirted with real estate. There's so much between the two that go hand-in-hand. You have to enjoy varied projects, people, the high's and low's of an ever-changing community. In 2019, my friend and fellow Residential Realty NW brother, Matt Brugman, finally convinced me to get my license and join the brokerage, and it's been a wonderful decision. I may be young and new, but this just makes me more hungry to do a fantastic job for you and your family. It doesn't hurt, either, to be working under some of the most respected realtors in the Portland area.

In my limited free time I'm still involved in the Portland theatre and film scene, run weekly tabletop role-playing games, and try to get outdoors as often as possible.

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